Good Food. Gluten Free.

It's really that simple. Since 2009, we have been providing you with the highest quality, freshest Gluten Free breads and goodies.  

Our products have heavenly tastes and textures, and are all Gluten Free. Our products use natural, whole ingredients.  Many items are Dairy Free as well, and some are Egg Free or Soy Free. We are a small-batch bakery, where every baker knows every ingredient, and we pride ourselves on being open to customers. 

We follow strict guidelines to ensure the quality and goodness you expect, but more importantly, we can assure you that our products are never in contact with food containing gluten; nor is there a risk of cross-contamination through equipment, cleaning processes, or packaging and storage. We are a dedicated, gluten free commercial kitchen. 

You can find our address and hours linked under our logo on the products page. We are a wholesale bakery for the Wasatch Front and also operate a small retail store-front in downtown SLC. For pick-up in store, use code PICKUP to eliminate shipping. We'll contact you to coordinate pick up day and time.